FOCL-Forum is an electronic discussion list for Friends of the Library in Connecticut.  We have established the list so that local Friends can share ideas and ask questions of each other and also so that messages of general interest can be rapidly communicated to the community of Friends.   Say you have books left over from a book sale and want to offer them to other Friends groups in the State.  Post the offer on FOCL-Forum. Or say you have questions about how to set up a silent auction, post the questions on FOCL-Forum.


Here is how to subscribe:

Go to: Scroll down to “Subscribing to FOCL-Forum” and enter your e-mail address, name and a password in the boxes provided. Click on Subscribe and you’re done!

Once subscribed you will be able to post messages to: Those messages will go to all the people already subscribed to the list.

People can respond to your question or comment by replying to the message and their reply will go to the entire list. If you want to send a reply directly to the person who posts a message and not to the entire list you need to compose and send the reply to that person’s email address.

Our goal is to have at least one, and hopefully more than one, subscriber from each Friends group in the State. If you’re a friend of your library please sign up for the list. If you’re a librarian please encourage members of your Friends group to sign up or sign up yourself to hear from Friends around the state.

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